We’ve devoted our professional lives to mastering labor and employment law, as well as corporate and commercial law, while litigating our clients’ interests in the state and federal courts and before various governmental administrative agencies.

As advocates, we aggressively pursue our clients’ goals at the bargaining table, in court, before arbitrators, mediators, the National Labor Relations Board, EEOC, Department of Labor, and other agencies. As counselors, we seek to apply the law to maximize our clients’ business opportunities and decision-making. As advisors, we analyze each circumstance uniquely so that those whom we represent have the benefit of our knowledge of the law and our experience in dispute resolution and litigation.

Our practice, like our clientele, is national in scope, although the majority of our clients are located in the states of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. We represent clients ranging in size from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. Whether union or non-union, in the private or the public sectors, Theisen & Associates, LLC provides legal solutions to businesses, employers, and litigants who demand excellence.