The explosion in state and federal court litigation during the past several years is a testament to the willingness of private and public sector employees, often with the assistance of organized labor, to challenge the fundamental business decision-making of their employers.

We are highly qualified to represent the interests of private and public sector employers, both union and non-union. Our attorneys include litigators, labor negotiators, and human resources specialists all of whom are equipped to assist employers in accomplishing their specific workplace objectives. We have negotiated numerous labor contracts with several international unions, including the Teamsters; United Auto Workers; Steelworkers; Machinists; IUE-CWA; Firefighters; AFSCME; Fraternal Order of Police; and others throughout the country.

Our attorneys have successfully arbitrated cases ranging in scope from discipline and discharge to the unilateral exercise of management rights. We have frequently trained management personnel on maintaining union-free status, as well as effectively supervising and disciplining hourly employees in union and non-union settings. We practice before the National Labor Relations Board, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in the state and federal courts.

An important adjunct to our practice focuses on “employment-at-will” status issues, wrongful discharge, privacy and defamation, drug testing and workplace safety. We counsel and advise employers on compliance with a myriad of state and federal statutory schemes, including Title VII, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act (wage and hour), the Age Discrimination In Employment Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the National Labor Relations Act.

We assist clients in developing Employee Handbooks, Workplace Policies and Procedures to aid them in responding to the day to day employment issues which arise. In addition we work closely with our clients and train their management and supervisory employees to help them maintain union-free workplace and to assist them in combating organizing campaigns by preparing materials to effectively defeat such campaigns.